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Change in policy for Improv 201/301 enrollment

PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:33 pm
by tanouye
Hi Everyone,

We are changing the enrollment process for Improv 301 next year.

For all Improv 201 classes beginning in January 2010, students will not be able to enroll in Improv 301 until they have received notification from the Training Center that they have successfully completed 201. Students will be emailed within 10 days of completion of their Improv 201 course.

This mean: You won't be able to sign up for an Improv 301 that starts right after your 201. You must wait for the email from the Training Center before enrolling in your next course.

If you are currently in Improv 201, you are unaffected by this change.

If you have questions, feel free to post here.