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Season Pass?

Postby Will Duke Larson » Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:33 pm

Perhaps this is best left in the theater section. However:

Has there been any consideration made for something like a "Season Pass" or "monthly pass" to see shows?
The idea would be for it to 'free' access to all the same shows a student ID would, but cost like $50 a month. Or whatever made sense economically for the theater. This would work the same as a student ID for shows where students get in through the line for free, but need to pay in advance. The pass would work the same way. That would be 10 shows in a month. Which only a few would probably fulfill, and good for them when they do. But, you know gym memberships.

It's not unprecedented in terms of theaters offering this kind of thing to "members", though on a different scale than say the Lincoln center or even a small repertoire theater... Either way, I imagine it also helps with cash flow for the Theater.

I just find myself wanting to go to shows, etc. but given the subscription nature of nearly all purchases these days for entertainment, and that my main experience is coming from going to shows out of taking classes, the idea of shelling out $5 each and every time seems like a bigger hassle. The idea of a monthly pass seems really appealing, just pay at the top of the month and then freedom. It would also push me to check out shows that maybe I normally wouldn't, to experiment. I'm not sure if others feel the same.

Is this something that would appeal to other readers of the board, or make sense?

You could have a price for sketch, improv, or combo.

Also what a stocking stuffer for Grandma to put in their NYU student granchild's stocking! What every comedy nerd is asking for this Christmas... Live Theater!

I can imagine quite a few demos this could work for, and be great for the theater. Just a thought. I imagine there isn't a ton of infrastructure etc, to make this work logistically, that isn't already in place, at least from the outside. So it doesn't seem like a huge risk in trying out a pricing structure like this.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!
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