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LA teacher in NY 6/25 7pm

PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:39 pm
by Drew DiFonzo Marks
hey NY,

first off, i rarely use these boards so if this is tacky or in the wrong place im SORRY.

will hines wrote a nice little blurb about the LA teachers coming out to teach who still have workshops that arent sold out. one of those is mine. 6/25 7pm. here are will's words: ... a-teachers

and here is the class:

its a basic concept (monologues and pulling premise) that i wanted to teach because i see it wildly misunderstood and utilized poorly. alotta students will think "yeah yeah monologues, boring did that in 101. what else ya got?" and then do a monologue, will start off with ideas, sure, but not solid comedic premises that get laughs and start towards game more efficiently. well work on that.

so pass this around and help a brother out? i dont know. either way, thanks will hines!