Monday or Wednesday evening sketch 201

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Monday or Wednesday evening sketch 201

Postby Ian Power » Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:47 pm


Wondering if there are any weeknight sketch 201 classes planned in the upcoming months for Monday or Wednesday evenings. See that there are some new 201s but the in times are all too early for us 9-5ers, just curious if yall have anything set up on the books?


Ian Power

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Re: Monday or Wednesday evening sketch 201

Postby kevhines » Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:32 am

We are always trying to get every level of class available either 7-10 weeknights or on weekends. But it's tough sometimes to get available teachers for all those levels. For example to get a 301 on a weeknight we lose a 101 or 201. So it's a constant balancing act. We also have a lot more teachers who aren't available in evenings which makes it hard, but we are working with some new teachers and hopefully will get new classes in the evening all the time.

That does mean I can't give you an ETA or even what day to expect it on. As always follow the twitter feed and hope for the best.

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