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sketch 301

PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2016 6:47 pm
by andrei
sketch 301 is the hardest class to get into by a long shot, they're posted less frequently than other classes and they have smaller class sizes. this is even tougher if you have a day job, since 1 in 3 or so posted are actually feasible for your work schedule. i personally have been trying to get into a sketch 301 for going on 3 years now, my last sketch 201 class was in november 2013. i set up an alert on the ucb classes twitter account so that i get a text as soon as the tweet announcing the class goes out. there have been a couple times in these 3 years that i was actually looking at my phone's screen, at the conversation with the twitter alert account, at the exact moment that the text came through. each of those times, i clicked on the link in the text and still landed on the class page to find it sold out. granted, the page takes a few seconds to load, maybe the text alert comes through on a delay, but this feels like an impossible situation to me. if anyone has suggestions outside of the one i'm about to make, i'd appreciate those, too.

recently you guys changed the way ASH classes are handled to mitigate a similar access problem by switching to a weighted lottery system. i was able to get a year extension on my eligibility for sketch 301, but even that's about to expire next month, and i've been diligently trying to get into a 301 this whole time. it's frustrating! would you consider switching to a lottery system for sketch 301s? it's a bummer to be 2/3s through a program for going on 3 years now and get consistently shut out like this, and i can't imagine i'm the only one experiencing this.

Re: sketch 301

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 9:39 am
by kevhines
Sorry for the difficulty in getting into 301.

We are trying to offer more Sketch 301s this year. Last year we had offered 11 by this time, and this year we've offered 15.

As far as the idea of going to a lottery system, we will consider it. It's a lot of man power to do that and slows us down on other work but if it's necessary we'd do it.