Signing Up for Classes FAQ - October 2016

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Signing Up for Classes FAQ - October 2016

Postby tanouye » Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:36 pm

Hello! Here are some frequently asked questions about enrolling in classes that are too long to answer on our Twitter account. If you have questions, please post them here and I will try to answer them. Please note, this is just for questions about the act of enrolling. For general class questions, there is also this FAQ.

Signing Up for Classes FAQ

When do classes go online initially?

There is no specific schedule for what day of the week or time a class will go online. It varies depending on when we confirm the schedule with the teacher. Generally they go online 1-2 months before a class starts (but in some instances they may start in a week or less).

Summer intensives will usually go online earlier in the year (April-ish) so that people coming to NYC for the summer can make travel and lodging arrangements.

We put classes online during their general time slot: weekday classes go online during weekdays, and night/weekend classes go online during the night/weekend (but not necessarily on the corresponding night/weekend day).

Advanced Study classes go online at various times because they are not first-come, first-served.

How can I find out about new classes going online?

There are two main ways:

1) You can get email updates about specific levels of classes via the dashboard. Look under "Available Course Notifications" at
This system will notify you if there is space in a specific course level.

The benefits are: The email will notify you if space becomes available in a previously sold-out class. You can filter by specific level.

The drawbacks are: This system checks for openings every five minutes. Many classes sell out faster than that so you may not hear about them.

2) New courses are announced on Twitter at
You can also elect to get text notifications about new tweets. See here for more info:
The benefits are: Tweets come out immediately after a class is posted. We also tweet updates about other class related topics.
The drawbacks are: You may get a lot of text messages!

Are there waiting lists? How can I find out about slots that open in previously sold-out classes?

We do not keep wait lists at this time, sorry. If someone drops out of a class, the email system will send an email. If there a multiple spaces in a course that begins soon, we may also tweet about it.

Openings often happen 4-7 days before a class starts since the window for a full refund closes three days before the start of the class, so students are more likely to drop at that point if their schedule has changed.

Can you tell me in advance when a specific class will go online?

Sorry, not at this time.

Do you offer [specific level] at [specific time]?

Generally, we offer all our core classes (Improv 101-401, Sketch 101-301) during all time slots (weekday, weeknight, weekend). Due to changes in teacher schedule and holidays, you may not see one online at present (or it may be currently in session).

What days and times do you offer classes?

We offer classes seven days a week, generally along this schedule:

Sunday 11:30am-2:30pm, 3-6pm, 6:30-9:30pm
Monday-Friday 9am-12pm, 12:15-3:15pm, 3:30-6:30pm, 7-10pm
Saturday 12-3pm, 3:30-6:30pm

NOTE: Not every class meets at these specific times.

What do I need to enroll?

First, you will need a student account, which you can set up at
Make sure you have your account information. Because classes sell out quickly, you might lose a space in a class if you have to contact support for your password when you see a class go online.

Next, you will need a credit card or debit card to complete the transaction. If you have questions about payment methods, contact the registrar at

How quickly do classes sell out?

Weeknight and weekend classes often sell out in under a minute. Weekday classes do not fill up quite as quickly, although Sketch 301, our smallest class, can fill up in under a minute even for a weekday class. Most classes sell out in under a day.

That's fast!


What is the sign-up process like?

Once you reserve a spot in a class, you'll have 20 minutes to complete payment. So even if you reserved the spot immediately, you have a window to double check the schedule and make sure you can attend all the sessions.

You need to be logged in to reserve a spot, since our system will check to see if you've completed the necessary prerequisites before allowing you to enroll. For this reason, you need to make sure you log in under your main student account -- do not create a new account if you lost your login information, as that account will not have your transcripts and eligibility linked to it.

When does your next semester start?

We don't have semesters -- new classes are starting all the time.

I took a class a long time ago, can I still take the next class?

If it's been two years or more since your last class, you will need to contact the registrar for placement ( Otherwise you should still be able to register.

I signed up for one class but would like to transfer to another. Can you help me?

If your class hasn't started and you are still in the period where you could get a full refund, you may be able to transfer by calling the registrar at (212) 929-8107 or email

Due to the fact that classes sell out so quickly, it can be difficult to arrange a transfer. It is best to call and email if you wish to do so, but the registrar cannot transfer you if the class you wish to switch to is sold out.
Erik Tanouye
School Manager
(also Improv/Sketch teacher and performer)
UCB Training Center
520 Eighth Ave, 9th Floor
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Re: Signing Up for Classes FAQ - October 2016

Postby turkeybone » Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:34 am

If appropriate, I'd like to add to bits of possibly helpful info as a student:

1. As above, people have a 20 minute window to confirm/pay for their spot in a class. I've had success refreshing the signup page 20-25 minutes after the initial tweet about the class and taking the spot for someone who was in that 20 minute window but did NOT enroll.

2. Someone created a bot that checks for openings and tweets them -- check out @UCBReopenBot. Especially useful the week before a class begins, when the deadline for dropping a class with minimal $$$ penalty approaches. For better or worse, you'll get tweets about EVERY class opening.

Hope this was ok to tack on, and that someone finds it useful!

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