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Ian Roberts Free Drop-in Class

Postby lindsay » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:52 pm

We are excited to announce that, starting October 14, Ian Roberts will be offering a free weekly improv class to the UCB community.

This class will be open to all current UCB students from 101 up to academy level, as well as all current members of UCB house teams. 12 people will be chosen through a lottery each week to participate (get up in front of the class and work). There is no limit to the number of people who can audit the class, and you do not have to enter the lottery to do so. You do however need to be a current UCB student or house team member to audit.

Class will be held on Sundays from 12:15 to 3:15PM in the Inner Sanctum.

The names of those chosen to participate in class each week will be posted the Wednesday before that week's class on the dashboard in the ANNOUNCEMENTS section.

If you are interested in participating in class, please click on the link below to enter the lottery.

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