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Bad Class Experience

Postby Redacted » Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:47 am

Let me preface this whole thing by saying I love UCB. It's not only given me a safe place to hone my skills in my passion, but I've met everyone that I'm now friends with in Los Angeles from taking classes and going to shows there. I moved to LA recently, and it's really just made my experience infinitely better and I'm not sure I'd last here if it wasn't for the teachers, the shows, and just having a place to go. I really admire everyone I've met involved in the theater and I don't want to you to feel like I'm attacking any of you or your friends because I'm definitely not.

That being said - I had a pretty bad experience in class today and I thought I should let the school know. We had a substitute teacher today, and it didn't seem like there was any communication with him and our usual teacher. The exercises we did weren't explained very well, and when we did them poorly, we were treated like we were stupid. When we performed scenes, instead of getting constructive feedback we instead were told "That was wrong, if I was in the scene I would have said xyz" or "Wrong, do it again." He didn't tell us why we were wrong or why we should be doing specific things to improve (which is kind of ironic considering we were learning about justifications). If asked, he just said "because it would be better this way." My other teachers have said "if I was in the scene I would have bla bla bla" before, but they say why they would have made that choice, and how it improves us as improvisers or how it moves the scene forward.

It really took away that feeling of having a safe place to perform, learn and make mistakes without the worry about being judged. I know I'm not alone feeling that he was being fairly condescending to all of us. Maybe we're just being sensitive or don't respond to that particular style of teaching, but I wasn't the only person who felt that way and I feel like you guys welcome student feedback. I've had two teachers and two other substitutes up to this point, and have never had an experience remotely like that.

Anyway, I still plan on taking classes here in the future, but figured I should bring this to your attention as it doesn't seem like what you are about.

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