Student Reservations - NEW SYSTEM!

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Student Reservations - NEW SYSTEM!

Postby lindsay » Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:00 pm

How a Student Reserves a Ticket at the UCB Theatre

Free shows
Your student ID provides you with free admission to graduation shows and many weeknight shows at both UCB Sunset and UCB Franklin. On the main schedule free shows for students are marked with a blue and white ID card icon.


Login to reserve
For shows starting on or after May 1st students must login into their UCB account to make a reservation. The login link can be found in the upper righthand corner when visiting Students login with the email address used when registering for classes. (If you don’t know your password, use the ‘Reset Password’ link and you will receive an e­mail with instructions. Do NOT create a new account.)

Students are only allowed to reserve 1 ticket for shows that are free for students (Harold/Maude/etc.). Any additional tickets you will have to pre-pay for. Thus a currently enrolled student, can only reserve for themselves.

Improv students can only reserve for improv shows and sketch students can only reserve for sketch shows.

Bring your ID
To gain entry to the show please show your student IDs at the theatre. 

Student limit
If you see "No More Student Reservations are available" then we have reached our student limit. We may open more up the day of the show, and we will also have standby available.

Cancel your reservation

If you make a reservation and can no longer attend please call the theatre to cancel, this will release your student ticket so someone else can make a reservation.

If you have questions about policies regarding free shows, or if you don’t understand how to use the system or access your account, please e­mail

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