New Policy on Unused Student Reservations

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New Policy on Unused Student Reservations

Postby johnnymeeks » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:50 pm

Hi UCB LA Students!

As you may be aware some students in the community make reservations for shows, don't show up and worse, don't cancel the reservations so that they can be used by other students or civilians. Because this behavior is rampant enough, we've created a new policy for the free student reservation system:

Starting on November 4th 2015, students with excessive unused reservations will lose the privilege of making free student reservations for 30 days. Please try to only make reservations you intend to use, and cancel other reservations at least 24 hours before the show.

If you exceed your allotted unused reservations, you will see this message on your Dashboard:

"You have exceeded your allotment of missed shows. Please be more careful making your reservations next time. By making too many reservations and missing shows you are taking space away from other students who may have been able to attend. This tool will be available for you to use in 30 days."

Be cool everyone. Cancel those rezzies!

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