NYC&Chicago-trained coach wants your 101/201 practice group

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NYC&Chicago-trained coach wants your 101/201 practice group

Postby Chris Griswold » Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:00 am

After 12 years of directing and coaching improv in Pittsburgh and Ohio, I have decided to start coaching in New York City.

I want to coach 101 and 201 groups initially because I specialize in creating a safe, productive environment while drilling improv fundamentals, reducing the effects of fear, and boosting improv creativity. I can read your group's performance and can address problem areas quickly and effectively.

I have studied at UCB since 2004 under teachers that include Michael Delaney, Owen Burke, Jackie Clarke, Kevin Mullaney, Brian Huskey, Ben Rodgers, and Erik Tanouye.

Additionally, I have studied under Chicago teachers including influential teacher Miles Stroth; Dan Bakkedahl; Andy Enninger, creator of the one-man Harold, the Sybil; Shaun Landry; and Jeff Wirth.

I have been involved with Friday Nite Improvs, Susquehanna Hat Company, Riot Act Improv Group, Monster Squad, Nearly I Repeatedly, JohnnyWar, and Black Sheep, Inc.

My rate is $20/hr, $50/3hr.

Contact me at chrisgriswoldATgmailDOTcom or 917-720-7291.
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