Conner Ozer would love to Coach You

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Conner Ozer would love to Coach You

Postby conner » Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:50 am

Hi I'm Conner Ozer, I'm an advanced study student at UCB and I would love to coach your practice group or indie team. I've had the pleasure to study with great teachers such as Ben Rameaka, Shaun Diston, Nicole Drespel, Keisha Zollar, and Christine Bullen.

I like emphasizing making strong choices and commitment as a means to game. To me the most important thing for any improvisor is to do a lot of scene work, so your gonna be on your feet most of practice.

If you want to work on or try the evente form, I would love to teach it. I was in the evente ASP and I'd really love to share the form.

My current rate is $15 an hour. Email me at and ask for my availability.

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