Veteran UCB faculty member available for coaching - rare!

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Veteran UCB faculty member available for coaching - rare!

Postby David Siegel » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:33 am

Hey everyone! Want to work with a veteran UCB teacher, but don't want to shell out $450 for a class? You're in luck! I've got lots of coaching availability coming up.

Having taught at UCB for 6+ years (and performed on Harold Night for 7), I'm very familiar with the UCB curriculum, so we can focus on things that compliment what you're learning in class. Or we can ignore it entirely and do shortform - it's your time. I teach all levels of the UCB core curriculum, and also Advanced Study classes.

When it comes to coaching, experience counts. Some coaches just ran exercises. We can certainly do that, but the main thing I'm known for is giving direct, personal, no bullshit feedback and running lots of scenes. You can contact me via my link below, or email me at
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