JEN KRUEGER is available to coach!

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JEN KRUEGER is available to coach!

Postby Jen Krueger » Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:08 pm

Hi guys! I'm Jen Krueger and I've been studying improv at UCB since 2009, where I've trained with Alex Berg, Alex Fernie, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Johnny Meeks, Ian Roberts, Charlie Sanders, Sean Conroy, and more. I'm on indie team Comrades, which won Crashbar's 2011 Threefer Madness, holds the record for most wins at indie cagematch The Wrangle, and has been hosting The Manifesto Show for more than a year. I'm very proud to have become one of the organizers and hosts of the LA Indie Improv Festival this year with my Comrades as well!

I'm also on indie team Podprov (an improvised podcast) and have experimented with form in order to create the Mystery with my indie team Mycroft Holmes. Penguins on the Playground, my indie two-man team with Mark David Christenson, has been together and performing at venues around LA for more than three years (but no matter what he tells you, we're not dating).

We'll work on what you want to work on. Want to hone a particular improv skill set? We can do that! Want to run a particular form or create your own? We can do that! Getting in your head and need help breaking through that wall to find the fun again? We can do that! My goal is for you to grow as a performer and have fun, so I'll tailor our sessions to whatever your group needs to achieve this. I'll also do my best to come see your group when you perform, both to be able to give you notes on the show, and to be more effective in our sessions together.

Not a performance group? That's cool! I coach practice groups too.

Need a sub? I do that too!

I'm generally available at the following times:
Monday - Thursday: 2pm - 11pm
Friday: 2pm - 6pm
Saturday: 1pm - 10pm
Sunday: 1pm - 8pm

Because my schedule is somewhat flexible, I may be available at additional times on a week by week basis, so feel free to contact me even if your group is meeting outside these times.

Standard rate of $60/2 hours

Jen Krueger

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