Stephen Perlstein, 2 Hours of Anything, No Questions Asked

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Stephen Perlstein, 2 Hours of Anything, No Questions Asked

Postby perlstein » Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:46 am

Hey Improvisers!

I'm Stephen Perlstein some of you may know me from my podcast Improv Obsession, or my teams Styx Martin, Brandon and Stephen, Space Dangerous or maybe even my UCB Beta Team Muddleberry. I've also been on house teams at iO West and The Improv Space and even Flappers in Burbank (Seriously they had a house improv team).

I've trained at UCB with Cordero, Wengert, Merritt, McLeod, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Alex Berg, and I feel like I'm missing some people... I've also studied with Miles Stroth through his workshops, Craig Cackowski at iO West, and a bit at Second City, The Improv Space and a whole bunch more. Oh, and I also do a podcast where I pick improviser's minds for gems, so that's sorta training too.

Obviously, if you come in with something you want to work on, we can do that. But, I'm pretty strong in diagnosing tendencies of teams and individuals and can set up a practice to work on specific exercises to challenge the group. I'm consistently told when I coach that the teams feel like they worked really hard, but they are happy with the outcome of the practice. I can also provide guidance in finding a form and getting into the indie circuit. I'm happy coaching teams, practice groups, or just subbing in for a session. I'm a great coach for hungry improvisers who are trying to get their footing, have their skills challenged, and want to grow. Oh also, if anyone uses here's my profile on it: Stephen Perlstein

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I host the Improv Obsession Podcast. You can hear it Online or in iTunes. I'm on UCBLA Beta Team Muddleberry

Happy improvising.

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Re: Stephen Perlstein, 2 Hours of Anything, No Questions Ask

Postby bburgstahler » Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:43 pm

YAYYYY STEPHEN!!!! This guy is such an awesome coach that I created a UCB account just to leave a note.
Our group had the most lovely experience with Stephen. He gave super helpful and encouraging feedback at our practice and even emailed that same night with extended specific notes. We totally love this dude and got so much from just two hours with him. So up-beat and energetic, he is a ray of sunshine and gets 40 stars in our book (Since there are 8 people in our group and each one gave 5/5 stars, you see).


:D 8-) :) ;) :lol: :shock: :P :idea: :geek: :ugeek:

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