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Drew (former AD, Last day of School) open to coach

PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:10 pm
by Drew DiFonzo Marks
my schedule just opened up so I am open to coaching and directing again.

- been the artistic director of UCB for 2 years
- on "Last Day of School" (former harold team and now weekend team)
- on 'Coming Clean', monthly improv show
- on 'The Faculty'', monthly show of UCB teachers
- member of UCB Touring Company and long time teacher too
-former host of UCB Jam for 5 years
- coached several UCB Harold teams over the years, currently Kid Grifts coach.
- actor on the Maude Team 'Bonafide"
-directed several shows at the theatre

email me for times and rates, i dont check this very often so just use my direct email: