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Corey Johnson Can Direct Your Show!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:52 pm
by CoreyJohnson
Dear interweb,

This is Corey Johnson and I'd like to offer my directing services to you.

If you have a sketch or one-person show, or some idea that you want help developing, I'd love to work together!
I had a one-person character show that I performed both here and in NYC.
I'm a graduate of the MFA Acting program at USC, so I pay a lot of attention to making sure the acting stays grounded, stage picture, rhythm, in addition to the jokes and game hitting hard.

I used to live in NYC where I was on the maude teams Slow Burn and Onassis (Friar's Club Sketch winners 2011). I also helped develop and acted in 2pac: The Musical! which ran for 6 months at UCB, as well as countless other spanks and bit shows. On the writing side of things, I was a contributing writer for the Onion News Network for 3 years and studied sketch writing at UCB with Chris Kula, Michael Delaney, and Donald Glover.

Hit me up and we can make your show tight, funny, polished, and awesome.

Thank you for your time.

c [dot] johnson530 [at] gmail