301 student looking for a practice group

Are you an improv coach? A Director? Are you looking to start a practice group?

301 student looking for a practice group

Postby Tlally » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:36 pm

Just like the title says I'm looking to join a practice group. Flexible on time and dates. Let me know if anyone is looking for new members to their group timmy.lally@gmail.com. A little about me

Random Facts about the man who used to go by the AIM handle BigGansta066:

The Oldest of 4 Kids
He graduated from the University of Maryland… with a degree… that if he plays his cards right he will never have to use.
Ripped his pants in the third grade and rolled through the day like a champ (haters going to hate)
In the 8th grade thought it would be a cool fashion statement to wear his basketball shorts over his jeans (It wasn’t)
In the 9th grade became a high school cheerleader for the women (Didn’t come… yep)
In the 11th grade became a Competitive Cheerleader for the travel (That did come… yep)
Takes claim to being the one who brought High Fives back to the forefront of the American Greeting Standards and Practices (AGSP)
Is constantly in the “pre planning” stage of building his own book case
Addicted to Etsy (shut up)
Owns a PS4… but has never actually played it.
Thinks Taylor Swift is a national treasure… at least her songs.
Believes he would make a great hype man for a Chris Brown concert
Conceived after a lame New Years Eve Party and 3 to many Bartles and Jaymes.
Posses delusional confidence in his sweet dance moves
Always rubs lamps in antique shops… just in case
Chants his own name when he does menial tasks around the house
When he was 19 while driving down a street in his neighborhood He stopped his car and helped a turtle cross the road, he then got back in his car drove ten feet and the tailpipe fell off. Now he doesn’t blame the turtle for the 175 dollars it cost to get his tailpipe fixed, however he is now suspicious of all turtles and their motives.
He is his parent’s favorite first-born male child (WINNER)!
The hair on the top of his head is thinning, but he is proactive and has moved the hair from the top of his head to the front of his face.
Growing up he wanted to be a stay at home dad, preferably with out kids…

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