Kenny Stevenson Available for Sketch Coach/Spank Directing

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Kenny Stevenson Available for Sketch Coach/Spank Directing

Postby adrock » Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:09 am


Kenny Stevenson here, and I am available to coach your sketch group or direct your Spank show. I have been a member of the graduated Maude Team Oh, Brother! since 2010. We were on Maude Night for four years, and still perform regularly at the theater as part of Best of Sketch. I run two current shows, Power Couples, which is a sketch/improv show about comedy couples that I host with my wife, and Joe Saunders and I host a bi-monthly show involving Nic Cage (I play Nic Cage). I am frequently on The Wahlberg Solution, Sklarbro Country, Greatest Concert Ever, and various shows playing various characters and impressions (Michael Caine, Kris Kristofferson, Liam Neeson).

I have been doing sketch for 13 years at various theaters UCB (six years) as well as the Groundlings (five years). I have a strong sense of character, structure, game, and am ready to help you put up an awesome show. Okay. Bye.

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