Mike McLendon (OUTSIDE DOG) will coach your face off!

Are you an improv coach? A Director? Are you looking to start a practice group?

Mike McLendon (OUTSIDE DOG) will coach your face off!

Postby mikemclendon » Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:04 pm

It's 2017! Let's get to work!

I'm looking to add some practice groups and indie teams to my coaching roster.

Here's my current available windows:

Monday - 10a-3p
Wednesdays - 12p-4p
Thursdays - 10a-2p
Fridays - 10a-12pm
Saturdays - 10a-12p, 2p-4p

Currently playing on UCB Weekend Team OUTSIDE DOG
Currently playing on Indy teams ORPHEUS ROY and TATERTOWN
Currently coaching the UCB Harold Team QUEEN GEORGE
Currently coaching the iO House Team MAX
Graduate of UCB, iO, Second City, M.I.s Westside Comedy Theater
Faculty member with the The Second City, iO West

Looking for groups that are comfortable with side-coaching and strong notes.

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