Josh Covitt (OUTSIDE DOG) wants to coach you - yes, YOU!

Are you an improv coach? A Director? Are you looking to start a practice group?

Josh Covitt (OUTSIDE DOG) wants to coach you - yes, YOU!

Postby jcovitt » Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:58 am

Hey everyone,

I'm Josh Covitt, a member of Outside Dog, and I'm looking to work with a few more practice groups.

I've been kicking around UCB since 2006 and have been taught/coached by many of our favorite improvisers, including but not limited to: Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Sean Conroy, Chad Carter, Seth Morris, Owen Burke, Billy Merritt, Joe Wengert, Johnny Meeks, Brian Huskey, Alex Fernie, Alex Berg, Julie Brister, Anthony King, Brian Gallivan, Will McLaughlin, Jill Donnelly, Neil Campbell, and Jim Woods.

I've stolen a lot of their wisdom and can't wait to pretend that I came up with it. And all for the low, low price of $30/hr!

It's your practice group so I'm there to help you work on whatever you want. Whether it's working on simple scene work, playing with forms, running Harolds, or doing other exercises I want to help you reach your goals and potential as improvisers. (my only caveat is that if you want to do monoscenes I'd prefer if you group was on the small side)

No matter what you want to focus on, be warned... FUN WILL MOST DEFINITELY BE HAD!

More about me:

My availability is very currently very flexible. I'm also available for subbing and short term groups as well.

Please contact me at jcovitt [at] the gmail. Or send me a message on the forum.

I look forward to playing with you! :geek:

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