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Mark David Christenson wants to coach your improv teams

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:22 pm
by hobbit138
Happy New Year Los Angeles improv teams and students!!! Contact me at:

I've updated my information on for full details visit: ... hristenson

I am an officially UCB approved coach. I have worked with several indie improv teams and am currently coaching the UCB Mess Hall team FANCY. My focus is on simplicity, active scene work, strong listening and commitment to the given circumstances of your created base reality in order to highlight the first unusual thing and build a clear game from that seed of comedy. I am trained and coach most improv forms including; the Harold, monoscene, montage, pretty flower, improvised one act play, and the slacker.

I have a very open schedule for coaching and flexible to changes on posted availability.

I have trained at Upright Citizens Brigade since 2009 and performed on UCB Harold Night for 3 years with Mister Town City and Landlord as well as 6 months on the UCB Mess Hall team LaserDisc. Additionally have performed on the UCB stage and various stages around the Los Angeles area, the Del Close Marathon, and Improv festivals around the country with Squeeze (UCB Cagematch Champs), Styx Martin (UCB Cagematch Champs) and Copycat (monthly UCB Sunset show). Also I perform regularly as Penguins on the Playground with Jen Krueger whom I co-host the weekly indie improv show The Manifesto Show on Friday nights 8:30-10:30pm at The Clubhouse in LA.

Contact me at : to schedule coaching.

My current availability is posted on ImprovCoaches: ... hristenson yet flexible.

Re: Mark David Christenson wants to coach your improv teams

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:48 pm
by hobbit138
MY schedule is updated on ... hristenson

I would love to coach your improv teams and practice groups in Los Angeles!!!