Holy Crap Ric Syberg Wants to Coach Your Team!

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Holy Crap Ric Syberg Wants to Coach Your Team!

Postby ricsyberg » Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:32 pm

Hey y'all. My name is Ric Syberg. I've been studying with UCB since 2010, I was on the Mess Hall team Winfrey and plenty of shows. I've studied with Johnny Meeks, Alex Berg, Joe Wengert, Billy Merritt, Alex Fernie, Julie Brister, Brett Christensen, and Neil Campbell among many others. I've performed at the Del Close Marathon, many indie nights, loads of shows at the Clubhouse, I'm a member of the team Conrad with which we've opened for the Smokes, and tons more.

I'm super energetic and positive, constructively critical, and very clear and concise with my notes. My focus is to get you playing to the top of your intelligence, getting to the meat of the scene, promoting active scenework, and getting you dialed in and running as a team.

I have pretty open availability, you can contact me at ric.syberg@gmail.com


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