New (female) coach available!

Are you an improv coach? A Director? Are you looking to start a practice group?

New (female) coach available!

Postby jennabryson » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:00 pm

I would love to be your new coach, especially if you're a new(er) improviser and/or a new(er) practice group.

I've been studying at UCBTLA for over 5 years, where I am in the Advanced Improv and Advanced Sketch studies programs; through UCB, private coaching, and improv bootcamp at The Clubhouse, I have learned from Billy Merritt, Joel Spence, Johnny Meeks, Todd Fasen, Mike Leffingwell, Casey Feigh, Nick Mandernach, Greg Tuculescu, Tara Copeland, Beth Appel, Eric Scott, Suzi Barrett, James Mastraieni, Mike McLendon, Cissy Fenwick, and Julie Brister.

I have a wealth of knowledge I would love to share AND as a new(er) coach, introductory rates. Woot!

Contact me at:


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