Female comedy singers for super dirty adult acoustic group!

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Female comedy singers for super dirty adult acoustic group!

Postby CountBoogie » Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:37 pm

Count Boogie and The Perverted Circus
Needs 1-3 energetic female (18 years to 40) comedic singers who
LOVE dirty jokes, acting and educational adult humor about things like, condoms,
self breast exams, replacing men with veggies and topics of S&M (Sado-Masochism)
for live acoustic shows, YouTube videos and potential touring.

Think 50 shades of Grey, South Park and School House Rock meets Rocky Horror picture show.
Count Boogie (former K-ROQ on air personality) writes the songs, you bring your comedic vocal,
acting, improv and dance magic and let's do this!!!

The market is dying for more over the top adult musical comedy groups as there are few working.
Tenacious D...The Wet Spots...Garfunkel and Oats are a few.

I don't care what you look like as long as you are clean, easy to get along with,
and can own a stage when the spotlights on you, as well as help support the story when it's not.
Oh yah...and you have to be able to sing lead and harmonize your ass off!!!

We can sing it as a Male/Female duo or a whole troop/circus (eventual goal)
Rehearsals: Maybe 2-4 a month (in the beginning) near Burbank Airport right off the 5 freeway.
You can mostly practice on your own with recordings that have your vocal parts removed.

To hear some of the songs email me for the link. Or go to PervertedCircus.com
and click on the music section to hear some of the recorded tracks.
The site is incomplete but you'll get an idea of where we're headed.

If you're not dreaming of being in a pro comedy act with the potential of getting on
the road and entertaining the masses...this is not for you.
We're grass roots, but there is a definite mission and goal for this act.

You must be friendly and accepting of BDSM/kink/adult alternative sexual lifestyles.

YOU DON'T have to be kinky yourself...just completely OK with being around it as we are
popular in the international kink community and some of our shows will be at BDSM events.

If you play an instrument that is a big plus but not mandatory if you're a great singer.

Auditions will be ONLINE only...meaning...send me a video or link of you singing...keep it simple.

When money is here...we will make money...until money is here it's just like any other new act
...NO money.

I will not ask you for money for projects/marketing/supplies etc., you just need to find your inner
Pervert and entertain the world!!

NOTE: when the album is done...We will be auditioning MALE singer/musicians as well.
Contact by Email only first... Boogiesvan@yahoo.com

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