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Web Video with Magician David Kwong

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:07 pm
by thnkrnicki
I work at Radical Media on THNKR, a new channel part of Google's original content initiative. We are working on a series called Epiphany which features to-camera interviews with thought leaders in various fields. You can check out the series here:

We recently filmed with magician David Kwong who is known for his magic tricks incorporating cards, words, puzzles, and his audience. David has a new trick and we are planning to film him doing the trick with someone in LA. We are looking for someone to participate in the trick and bring some personality and enthusiasm to the piece. The trick is a card trick that involves word games and morse code. It will definitely be a fun shoot and can be filmed in an afternoon in LA - I can't imagine it lasting more than an hour. You can see more info on David Kwong here:

Please contact if you're interested for more information.