Help us build a spaceship! Or be a space p.a.!

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Help us build a spaceship! Or be a space p.a.!

Postby dwyer » Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:19 pm

Hello Guys!

James Dwyer, Kent Kincannon, and I wrote an insane web series called SPACE DRIFTERS about three astronauts stuck in space! We've rented a Bushwick basement for the whole month of April and are planning on spending the first two weeks of the month (April 1st to 14th) building a spaceship interior in that basement. Can you help us build A FREAKING SPACESHIP? WE WOULD LOVE TO "GO TO THE MOON!" WITH YOU! We'll also need some PAs later in the month if that's more your speed!

Here's dem basics:

1) If you're able to help at all as set builder (April 1-14) or PA (April 15-21) or both! We certainly won't need you every day in that time frame--just whenever you're available and have some time and energy and good vibes to spare!

2) If you do have some time and energy and good vibes to spare, we'd love to know if you have any special skills when it comes to construction in general / set construction in particular / spaceship construction in very particular or technical things like sound / cameras / lights / etc.

3) If you don't have time and don't have expertise, we'll happily take any shit you have lying around that looks likeit might belong on a spaceship--wires, spare parts, switches, dead computers, broken vacuums, etc.

If you are interested in 1) or 2) shoot me an email at langan dot kingsley at gmail dot com!

And if you are only interested in 3) that is totally cool and we will figure out how to get space trash from you.

We think it will be really funny and hopefully good and would love to hang out with you and would appreciate any help we can get.

Also, Kent will give you smooches if you want. He promised that he would give smooches to all the helpers and we expect him to fully stand by this promise. We know your time is valuable and we promise it will be fun and cool and we'll also owe you for all time.

Langan and Kent and James

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