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Female Comedian Co-Host Wanted (NYC)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:51 pm
by rjh4736
Hello all –

I live in New York City and am in the process of starting a weekly podcast/funny news radio show and am looking for a local female comedy partner to help with co-hosting. I’m a 40-year-old gay man and this is my first venture into the world of podcasting, so I’m looking for an equally-ambitious partner-in-crime to start this journey with, and hopefully turn this into something amazing!

The idea is to start simple – have a weekly show where we talk and banter about funny news and items around the internet, as well as little segments and skits. Then we’d try to get guests in for interviews so we could give them an opportunity to plug whatever gig/event/project they are working on while also broadening our viewership. Then we can expand to longer podcasts as we go along.

Essentially I’m looking for a comedy partner with a great laugh and silly demeanor matched with a quick wit and a gift for improv. I’m not so much into raunchy humor but some fun double-entendre with a side of back-handed sarcasm can be great. I’d like to keep the format somewhat loose/unscripted so that it’ll be more spontaneous. Like I said I am inexperienced with doing anything like this, so previous experience on your end isn’t necessary! Just have a fantastic sense of humor and a desire to have fun!

Sound good? Let’s meet first and see if we would be a good match. If it works out then we can start planning ahead for our first podcast! Email me today at rjh4736 @ and let’s get going!