Seeking Improvisers for Short Comedy Film

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Seeking Improvisers for Short Comedy Film

Postby dorszeles » Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:55 pm

We're looking to cast improvisers in a comedic short film called "We Know You Were Pooping In There."

Our plan is to shoot in two days over a weekend in the fall, and submit it to a few festivals before putting it on Youtube (at which point, we'll also pitch it to the usual comedy places like HuffPo, Vulture, etc).

A brief summary of the concept and characters is included below. Interested parties should send a head shot to

"We Know You Were Pooping In There"
This short film tells the story of a man who poops at the apartment of his girlfriend's parents. Unbeknownst to him, her family is waiting outside to surprise him with a cake. In lieu of dialogue, the film builds tension using extended silences and visual cues, building toward the tense moment when our hero emerges from the toilet and discovers whether or not his girlfriend's family knows he was pooping in there.

Cast of Characters

Boyfriend - John (28)

Girlfriend - Ariana (26)

Mother - Barbara (53)

Father - Milt (54)

Sister - Fiona (19)

Dog - Buster (4)

Character Breakdowns

John (28)

Ordinary, likeable, but unremarkable - an everyman. He treats his girlfriend, Ariana very well, largely because he feels like she is slightly out of his league. John is always slightly underdressed. He is fairly reserved, but he’s not slick enough to hide his emotions.

Ariana (26)

Ariana is an attractive, successful, and sweet girl. She's a perfectionist who is used to being treated well due to her good looks. She is slightly spoiled, but still incredibly magnetic.

Barbara (53)

Barbara is a tidy, polite housewife. A former Italian Catholic who converted to Judaism for her husband. She can be too nice, with an overactive and persnickety mind just beneath her sweet surface. Compulsive collector of trinkets.

Milt (54)

Milt is a pragmatic, simple man. He works for an engineering company that pays him well. Mistakenly, he thinks he’s the comedian at home and at work.

Fiona (12)

A bubbly, sweet girl with Down Syndrome. Fiona loves princess culture. She rarely speaks, but her constant smile hides a cunning and foreboding intelligence.

Buster - “Mr. Mayor”
The family’s spunky, spoiled pomeranian.

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