Darrel's Farewell Sketch Show this Friday!!!

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Darrel's Farewell Sketch Show this Friday!!!

Postby DarrelHaynes » Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:30 pm

Mr. Darrel Glen Haynes (sketch writer at the Magnet Theater & UCB student) is leaving for Hollywood, but is leaving New York City with a final big bang with a FREE showcase of some of his HIGH-LAR-I-OUS sketches for you to remember him by! This promises to be a good time because we all know how funny Darrel is. Now I know what you're thinking "This show will definitely be the pinnacle of comedy & I'm going to be rolling on the floor spewing out uncontrollable laughter, but isn't this show also kind of self-indulgent?" Yes, it is, but hey he's leaving so he can do that. If you don't come to this show, it would be like stabbing yourself in the foot, & that's really stupid because it hurts! Don't hurt yourself! Come see this show!!!


http://improv.improvteams.com/shows/627 ... sketchshow

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