Loose Cannon Videographer for Hire

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Loose Cannon Videographer for Hire

Postby RandazzoGL » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:52 pm

Web-series script picking up dust? Sketches just itching for a chance on the big screen?
Character performances that yearn for more than just a mirror?
Look no further...

I'm a lone gun(camera) for hire with nothing to lose. Kicked off the force(production house) for not playing by the rules, I was the man they called to clean up everyone's mess. Yeah I was dangerous... a little crazy sure... but the chief knows in his hardened heart there was no other way to get the job done.

NEXFS100, tripod, boom mic. The essentials. This isn't about flash and pomp. Let's do the dirty.
...Prices negotiated upon request...Don't worry, we can make it work.

-Gianluca Randazzo of The Blizzard of '96
Check out some samples of my work-

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