19th Annual 3 on 3 Improv Tournament

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19th Annual 3 on 3 Improv Tournament

Postby ArtisticAssistantNY » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:56 pm

The UCB Theatre 19th Annual 3 on 3 Improv Tournament is now open for registration!

What is the 3x3 Tournament? Glad you asked!

The 3x3 Tournament is a UCB time honored tradition. 32 teams (28 existing teams and 4 wild card teams) compete in a three round improv tournament over the course of November for the opportunity to get TWO SHOWS at UCB (date/time/theatre TBD). Registered teams will be chosen at random by this year’s tournament host, Game 7!

All shows take place at UCB Theatre Hell’s Kitchen.

Tournament Breakdown:
Quarter Finals
- 32 teams compete, 12 advance.
- The Quarter Finals consist of four shows (dates/times listed below).
- EIGHT teams per show are given 7 minutes of stage time each.
- The teams to advance will be decided by audience vote. Each audience member gets to vote for their favorite three teams, and the three teams with the most votes will advance.
- Twelve teams total will advance to the Semi-Finals.

Semi Finals
- 12 teams compete, 4 advance.
- The Semi Finals consist of two shows (dates and times below).
- SIX teams per show will be given 10 minutes of stage time each.
- Each audience members gets to vote for their favorite two teams, and the two teams with the most votes will advance.
- FOUR teams will move onto the Finals

- 4 teams compete, ONE TEAM emerges victorious!
- The final round is one show, Saturday, November 30th, 10:30PM.
- The remaining FOUR teams will be given 15 minutes of stage time each.
- Each audience member will vote for ONE team.
- The team with the most votes from the audience will be crowned champion of the 19th Annual 3x3 Tournament.

Quarter Final Show Dates:
- Wednesday, November 13th at 10:30pm
- Wednesday, November 20th at 10:30pm
- Wednesday, November 27th at 9pm AND 10:30pm

Semi-Final Show Dates:
- Friday, November 29th at 7:30pm AND 10:30pm

Finals Show Date:
- Saturday, November 30th at 10:30pm


- Players are not allowed to play on multiple teams. A player can only appear on 1 roster for the entire tournament.
- If you submit with multiple teams, only one will be selected, and you will have no control over which.

Wild-Card Teams
- Each Quarter Final show will have 7 pre-selected teams and 1 Wild-Card team.
- The Wild-Card team consists of 3 random names pulled from the bucket of truth at the top of every quarter final show and will perform later that night.
- Anyone from the audience can throw their name in to be considered UNLESS you are a member of a team that is already competing in this years’ tournament.

Musical Improv Groups
- Musical improv groups are more than welcome to apply! Please note that any accompanist you may have (pianist, guitarist, etc) will count for a roster spot. Meaning: you cannot have 3 improvisers and an additional accompanist.

Replacing a Team Member before the Quarter Final
- You can replace a team member before the quarter final rounds begin, you may not replace a team member after the quarter final round. You cannot replace a team member with anyone who is already a part of this year’s tournament. Any changes made to the roster you initially signed up with must be cleared with Game 7. Email threeonthree@gmail.com to request these changes.

Replacing a Team Member after Quarter Final
- A team that advances to the semi-finals must include all three members that performed in the quarterfinals. You cannot replace a team member after the quarterfinals. This is negotiable ONLY if a team member is sick/injured. This is not negotiable if a team member is out of town and knew in advance.

In Case of a Tie
- There will be an unbiased audience member at every show whose top vote will decide the winner, in case of a tie.
- The audience member may or may not be the same person at every show.
- The identity of this audience member will only be revealed if necessary.

This is a Long Form Improv Tournament
- The tournament is “long-form” improv. You can only get one suggestion from the audience. No GAMEPROV or short-form.

Do Not Bring Anyone from the Audience into Your Show
- This is a 3-prov tournament. If you bring any member of the audience on stage to be a part of your set, your team will be disqualified.

Automatic Bid
- The four finalist teams from the 2018 tourney will be offered automatic invites to this year’s qualifying rounds.

Applying for the Tournament
- The deadline to apply for the tournament is 12pm on Friday, October 25th.
- Teams will be selected at random shortly after the 12pm deadline and notified if they got in by Friday, November 1st.
- Teams that did not get in will also be notified on the same day.
- If you have read all this, your team can make all the shows (especially the 11/30 one), and are still interested, apply for the tournament by filling out this google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... sp=sf_link

Grand Prize
- The winner of the tournament will get the opportunity to host TWO SHOWS at UCB (date/time/theatre TBD)

Any questions? Please email Game 7 at threeonthree@gmail.com.

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