Longest Harold Night Trivia

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Longest Harold Night Trivia

Postby kevhines » Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:53 am

If you are a Harold Night nerd then you should participate in Harold Night Trivia.

Charlie Todd and I will be hosting The Longest Harold Night of the Year (Tuesday 12/16) and periodically testing people on their knowledge of Harold Night Teams.

Mostly asking you to name all the performers (lifetime) on certain teams. Whoever wins gets a fabulous price. Everyone gets to go back to their seat and watch some great improv.

If you are up for that task email me kevhines@ucbcomedy.com and let me know.
Tell me what era of Harold Night is in your wheelhouse (for example: GoodGirl/Bucky) and we'll set up a time to bring you on stage to quiz you.

-Kevin Hines

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