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Postby Isco » Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:52 pm

JF345 wrote:
SPO wrote:Sorry, this is not something you should expect to happen.

I doubt I'm the only Advanced Study-level improviser who's on multiple active teams and constantly performing at indie shows – doing their Harolds, booking shows in empty bars, putting in their 10,000 hours – but never able to win at the class lotteries, while entering every one (jeez, March 2014 was 10 months ago). Unless some special pre-audition qualifying Advanced Study workshops/classes for the unlucky come along, I'm SOL I guess. Definitely don't 'expect' pleasantly surprising things like that to happen in life, but considering there's still time – I can always hope...

I think the logical conclusion given your point is that you should not expect the composition of UCB house teams to comprehensively represent the best and most active improvisers in the UCB community.

The only good news for you might be that the improv community and the entertainment industry to which it serves as a feeder will be able to read this reality and adapt their expectations, increasing the prominence and importance of non-UCB exposure.

While the UCB is a phenomenally successful comedy institution, and its size and success have been invaluable not just in growing the entire market for improv comedy but also for providing a critical mass of students who can collaborate on all kinds of creative work, it is a for-profit company.

At the point at which an officer of that company is telling you that your own needs are not a priority for the theater, it may be more rational to focus on increasing the size and prominence of the non-UCB platforms in which you can more freely apply your work than on hoping for reform of that company's structure to better suit the needs of aspiring performers like you.

I certainly think the UCB could benefit from a more open-minded approach toward its community, but given their commitment to their current business model, and the general logistical problems related to their size, they won't be able to fulfill all the needs of even their own comedy community, and viewing them as the primary solution to these problems may in fact be exacerbating the issue.

Also, everyone, the UCB included, could benefit from students spending more time engaging directly with their work and less with the logistics of any bureaucracy.

In short: I agree with you, and the UCB is great and very important and should do more things for students, but if the path to success is only through the UCB, we're all "SOL" (as you put it) anyway. So students should try to push for alternative platforms, for their own long-term good.

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Postby chelsea » Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:46 pm

HI! don't forget it doesn't HAVE to be an ASH or ASI, it could be a multi-day workshop.

Erik just posted one I'm teaching for the first weekend in Feb, then there will be some others on friday nights and during weekday days.


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