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Sketch Cram Presents: SCENE CRAM!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:18 pm
by mattklinman
Hey Cram-Town, USA,

We got a Beautiful New Sketch Cram on Saturday! It's SCENE CRAM! We will be doing short scenes NOT SKETCHES. What does this mean? We don't totally know! They aren't quite one-acts because they are shorter than that would imply and they aren't quite sketches because fuck sketches, sketch comedy is dead. They are just lovely comedic scenes! We have a smaller writing roster and a bigger acting roster to make it work but everyone is the fucking tops. For real look at this awesome line up and I dare you to not want to come:

Written And Directed By
Dan Mirk (Man Seeking Woman, The Onion)
Nicole Drespel (Broad City)
John Harris (Funny or Die, The Onion, Adult Swim)
Zack Poitras (Funny or Die, The Onion, Whale Thief)
Matt Klinman (Funny or Die, The Onion, Adult Swim)
Georgie Aldaco (Whale Thief, Former Business Partners, Maude Night)
Matt Mayer (Funny or Die, Whale Thief)
Benjamin Apple (Los Angeles, Whale Thief, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

James Dwyer (The Law Firm)
George Kareman (Long Haired Businessman)
Vince Moore (Harold Night)
Nicco Aeed (Marina and Nicco)
Dom Manzolillo (Characters Welcome)
Shaun Diston (The Law Firm)
Melinda Taub (Funny or Die)
Audrey Stanfield (Maude Night)
Anna Callegari (Characters Welcome)
Catherine Cohen (Maude Night, Boy Girl Boy Girl Comedy)
Monique Moses (Maude Night, Lloyd Night)
Lauren Brickman (Maude Night)

So come on out and experience the THRILL of SCENE CRAM!

Saturday April 18th at MIDNIGHT

Whale Thief