Questions about living in the city

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Questions about living in the city

Postby Lunasi » Sun May 29, 2016 8:13 pm


I'm a transgender comedian from Colorado, I lived in Toronto for years and studied improv and stand up. I've been living in Colorado for the last bit and am looking at some bigger cities to explore my comedy career. New York City is on the top of my list and I'm interested in getting the lowdown on the city from some local comics and improvisers. I do stand up and improv so I am interested in both. Also I am going to come visit the city soon so I am interested in finding out more before I make my move next January.

First questions are about the local comedy scene obviously, what parts of town are things in, where do people place themselves in the city to be most conveniently adjacent to the areas for comedy. Affordability in what parts of town is obviously a thing I am wondering about. I'm obviously not filled with cash so I'd love some thoughts on where are areas that are good to move in the city, so I can take a look in those area's when I visit. Obviously outside of UCB what other comedy clubs are good to visit in the city, or local shows should I look into? I'm also thoroughly interested in night life, what things to do later on after hours, I'm definitely a night owl. Good affordable food places to check out, I'm a huge foodie so that's also something I love to explore. And any other general suggestions or thoughts, places to go, things to do, whatever you think just need to be said, I'd love to get some local advice on the city itself so I can delve myself into it on my vacation. Thoughts? <3

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Re: Questions about living in the city

Postby caroline0rearend » Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:20 pm

Hey there, welcome! :)

I figured I'd offer you some location advice just based on where I live... Living on the A/C line in Brooklyn (Bed-stuy is where I live, and there's also Crown Heights which can both be cheap) is direct and convenient for getting to both UCB Chelsea and the Training Center, which is right by Penn Station. The second UCB Theatre is in the East Village on the F train, which can be transferred to from the A/C easily.

I used Padmapper, which is a great website that compiles craigslist and other stuff on a map to make finding an apartment a little bit more bearable.

There are billions of pieces of food for all the little nyc babies so I won't try to name spots. If you'd rather spend money on ice cream than rent, then ample hills salted crack caramel ice cream is really good though!!

Good luck! <3

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