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Announcing: UCBTLA's new Characters Welcome cast!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:54 pm
by bethappelUCB
Please join me in congratulating UCBTLA's new Characters Welcome cast! This cast will run for 6-7 months starting in May. Check out their first show at a brand new time on Wednesday, May 8th at 7pm at UCB Sunset!

Characters Welcome is a monthly showcase directed by Christine Bullen and Greg Roman that brings together the best and brightest comedy actor/writers to perform their favorite original characters and impressions.

Kylie Brakeman
Bri Giger
Angela Giarratana
Marcos Gonzalez
Sarah Khasrovi
James III
Artoun Nazareth
Charles Pettitt
Alyssa Sabo
Mimi von Schack

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! Characters Welcome teams are formed at the discretion of the UCBTLA Artistic Director and Characters Welcome directors in consultation with a committee of coaches, teachers and veteran performers who love comedy.

Beth Appel
Artistic Director
UCB Theater LA