A form and favor to ponder on

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A form and favor to ponder on

Postby davida95 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:05 pm

(please excuse the typos, I'm in a rush!)

Hello all, I have a little something that I would just like to throw out there. I'm a new transplant to L.A from Detroit. before I moved, I had decided to create my own improv form with the help of two very good friends. we eventually formed a two person team called DJJD, and began meeting weekly to work on the form; eventually we developed what we like to call; The Autobiography.

The form works like this:

you bring a chair to the middle of the stage and get a suggestion of a first and last name from the audience, after that you then repeat the first and last name, and then begin to describe a person with this name. after a back and forth with adding details about this person, one person will then sit in the chair and give a monologue as the character that the group has created. at any point and time during the monologue, one of you can tag out the person that is speaking, embody that same character, and continue speaking where that person left off. After the two of you feel that enough information has been given, you will then go into your first scene. the character you create in the opener is in each scene, sweep edits are used to end each scene, and the person character will alternate from scene to scene. In the end, you will hopefully have created a nice story arc for the character that the group made. the past we have created a bitchy sorority/valley girl who in the first scene was using a math teacher to get good grades, get's pregnant unexpectedly by a guy she was waiting with in a hospital in a future scene, and then is sending her son off to the same college she went to in the last scene.

here's a video of us performing a rough draft of the show before it's debut the following week


when we finally debut the show, It was the best show that I had ever performed.

However, we both felt that the form needed more work, and wanted to continue to work on it (this is where you all come in!). So the plan was for Jacob to continue to develop the form back in Detroit, and I would continue to develop here in L.A. But I've only been in here for 3 weeks, am yet to really become involved in this community and become apart of team(s). SO, I'd like throw the Autobiography out there for you all to experiment with.

How can we do this form with more that two people? what different edits can we use to end the scenes? what other fun things could we do in the character creation? what if only one person plays the character? What might be a better name? how can we play with the structure? MORE QUESTIONS! All of which I wish I could work on, however I'm still finding my footing here, So why don't you! The only favor I ask is for you and your groups to think about The form or try it out. and if you can, tell me how you like it.

most everyone that I've seen out here are waaaaaaaaay funny and talented performers, and I'd love to see you guys help out with this project of ours. and That's All! if you have any questions feel free to ask!


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