Inner Sanctum Pitches for Feb-July are Open!

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Inner Sanctum Pitches for Feb-July are Open!

Postby MikeStill » Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:27 pm

Happy New Year!

It's Inner Sanctum pitch time!

We are looking for shows to fill the Inner Sanctum for February through July.

We want cool shows that book great guests and would draw an audience. Standup, Variety, Improv... Anything!

The Sanctum is our "community" space and a great place to experiment with comedy.

Get creative with the space, pitch the shows that you would want to watch and take part in. Get weird!

Also don't be afraid to pitch a solid "indie improv show" that doesn't have a high-concept hook.

Shows that bring full teams in as guests work great, as it helps guarantee an audience.

If you are pitching a show run by an improv team, we are primarily looking for shows hosted by teams that formed in the UCB Community, but we will still hear your pitch!

If you'd like to re-pitch a show that is currently running or had a run, please do!

Pitches are due before noon on Thursday, Jan 14, here's the pitch form: ... M/viewform

Spread the word and pass the link around!

Any questions about pitches, ask them here on the boards.

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Re: Inner Sanctum Pitches for Feb-July are Open!

Postby trinad » Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:38 pm

Hi! If our improv team has multiple ideas (2 or 3), do you mind if we individually submit those or do you only want one pitch per team? Thank you!

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