UCB Theatre LA is proud to announce the 2016 Maude Teams!

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UCB Theatre LA is proud to announce the 2016 Maude Teams!

Postby MikeStill » Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:40 am

I am very proud to announce the 2016 UCB-LA Maude Sketch Comedy Teams!

There was an amazing level of talent from the nearly six-hundred Maude submissions this year.

Because the number of submissions was so high, there was no way to get every deserving person on a team (only FOUR PERCENT of the actors who auditioned got on--whaaat???).

So if you applied and didn’t get placed, don’t take it personal! Let this motivate you--keep creating and making cool, funny shit. Don’t wait for UCB!

Put your hands together for...

The 2016 Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Maude Sketch Comedy Teams
The mission of UCB Theatre’s Maude Night is to bring together the best sketch writers and sketch performers in Los Angeles in an environment that mimics the experience of writing in a professional television writers’ room with the short production schedule of a sketch television show. Maude Teams perform a new sketch comedy show once a month.

ANDROGYNY (Starter Name) (March 9th Debut!)
Alison Agosti
Kerry O'Neill
Melissa Hunter
Aaron Mervis
Connie Shin
Dylan Snowden
Matt Cordova
Alana Johnston
Mike Lane
Phoebe Neidhardt
Natalie Palamides
Jacob Wysocki

SAD RUB (Starter Name) (March 16th Debut!)
Matthew Brian Cohen
Lorraine DeGraffenreidt
Nicole Erb
Dawn Luebbe
Patrick McDonald
Brian Thompson
Jace Armstrong
Dan Black
Ashley Hale
Zoe Jarman
Carl Tart
Ele Woods

CONCEPT: MAS FUN! (Starter Name) (March 16th Debut!)
Michael Capristo
Haley Mancini
Kerry McGuire
Sam Palmer
Scott Sonne
Alison Levering Wong
David Brown
Inessa Frantowski
Yesel Manrique
Hillary Anne Matthews
Marques Ray
Nicole Sun

THE UNSAFE RUNT (Starter Name) (March 30th Debut!)
Alfred Aquino
Zora Bikangaga
Hannah Shapiro
Sydney Steinberg
Charity Miller
Jeff Topolski
Nathan Caywood
Ashleigh Crystal Hairston
Brett Maline
Ego Nwodim
Kaitlyn Tanimoto
Lou Wilson

CUB CABBY DO (Starter Name) (March 30th Debut!)
Zack Bornstein
Anna Cecilia
Aggie Hewitt
Laura Malone Hunt
Katherine LaRonde
Julian Vargas
Brian Jordan Alvarez
Kimia Behpoornia
Christine Bullen
Warren Burke
Dione Kuraoka
Oscar Montoya

Bombardier (Returning Team!)
Arik Cohen
Zed Cutsinger
Jesse Esparza (New to Bombardier!)
Ryan Moulton
Jessica Ross
Jessica Seay-Klatt
Jocelyn DeBoer
John Milhiser
Kat Palardy
Diona Reasonover
Mark Schroeder
Londale Theus Jr.

Judith (Returning Team!)
Carmen Angelica
Courtney Hyde
Nick Luciano
Jon Millstein (New to Judith!)
Jason Sheridan
Monica Vasandani (New to Judith!)
Toni Charlene
Anais Fairweather
Fiona Landers
Avery Monsen
Joe Spellman
Robert Stephens

Nephew (Returning Team!)
Leann Bowen
Nick Ciarelli
Bradford Evans
Joan Ford
Cait Raft
Drew Spears (New to Nephew!)
Peter Banifaz
Olivia Snow Norman
Jennie Pierson
Greg Roman
Betsy Sodaro
Drew Tarver

New Money graduates after four amazing years on Maude Night! See their final Maude Night show on Wednesday Feb 24th, 8:30pm at UCB Sunset. DARBUS FOREVER.

We say goodbye to All In, Eastwood, and Glendale. These were three tremendous teams who made us laugh all year. See them at Best of UCB Sketch on 3/11, 3/18, and 3/25 at UCB Sunset.

Info on the Team Selection Process
We received nearly three-hundred and fifty actor submissions and two-hundred and fifteen writer submissions. That’s over seven-hundred minutes of audition tapes and over two-thousand pages of sketch packets!

Decisions about callbacks, writer consideration, team configuration and current team “shake-ups” are made by the Maude Committee with the final approval of the UCB-LA Artistic Director.

The Maude Committee is a diverse group of about 30 UCB Training Center instructors, Maude writers and performers from senior and graduated teams, and Maude directors. The “committee” is not a standing body, it changes every year to ensure it reflects currently active talent at the UCB Theatre.

Actor Selection Process
Every actor audition video was viewed by at least three randomly-assigned committee members along with the Artistic Director. About one third of the auditioners received a callback to perform characters live for the committee. Less than half of these auditioners were invited to a second callback, where they performed a sketch originally written for Maude Night.

From this pool of performers, the final selection of Maude actors was made. All said, we added fifteen new actors to Maude Night, which is about four percent of the people who submitted to be an actor.

Writer Selection Process
Every writer packet was read by at least three randomly-assigned committee members. The committee’s top rated packets were read out loud by current Maude Night actors at a “table read” run by the Artistic Director. Over one-hundred and sixty of the packets were read out loud across thirty hours of table reads.

The actors offered their feedback as to “how excited” they would be to perform each packet on Maude Night. The table read actor feedback on the packet was balanced against the committee readers’ feedback on the packets to determine which writers would excel on a Maude team.

We added twenty-three new writers to Maude Night this year, a little less than eleven percent of the applicants.

Other Thoughts
I’ve been involved with Maude in New York and Los Angeles since 2008 as an actor, director and now Artistic Director, but I always watch Maude Night as a FAN. I have so many wonderful memories laughing at these ridiculous shows! I believe the comedy collaborations born from Maude night are some of the strongest bonds you can find in the creative world.

We said goodbye to some great 2015 writers and actors who had to leave Maude because of other professional obligations, and to them we say, GODSPEED YOU COMEDY WARRIORS!

For Maude Night to work, we have to continuously offer new talent a chance to create sketch comedy. The hardest part of that reality is that it means we can’t find space for all of the writers and actors who were on the teams in 2015. These are individuals who made me and the audiences laugh pretty damn hard all year, folks who are doing amazing things inside and outside of UCB and will continue to find success in 2016!

Our goal for Maude Night is to connect funny people to make funny stuff. This is inherently a SUBJECTIVE process. With nearly six-hundred submissions, there will be folks who didn’t get on teams who will kick ass in the near future and we’ll be like, “Shit, we should have gotten them on a team!” I’m so impressed at how hard everyone in the community is working to make hilarious stuff--it’s humbling to see and I wish we had space to create more teams.

Along with being incredibly talented and funny, the 2016 Maude Teams represent teams with some of the most varied backgrounds we’ve ever had the honor of having on our stages. For example, thirty percent of new Maude writers and sixty-six percent of new Maude actors could identify as people of color.

UCB Theatre believes that comedy thrives in an environment where writers and performers bring a rich variety of life experience to the stage. Overall, nearly one out of three UCB-LA House Team members (Harold and Maude) could identify as people of color and nearly fifty percent identify as female.

And here’s something cool-- there are now more women on Maude night than men!

A huge thanks to the 2016 Maude Committee and Table Readers for volunteering so much time and passion to make these teams. The Committee is full of working writers and actors who gave nearly six weeks and hundreds of hours of time to this process-- it was truly a labor of love.

UCB congratulates and welcomes all of the new writers and performers, we can’t wait for them to make us laugh at Maude Night every Wednesday, 8:30pm at UCB Sunset!

Mike Still, Artistic Director, UCB-LA

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Re: UCB Theatre LA is proud to announce the 2016 Maude Teams

Postby P-Pasco » Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:34 am

Congrats! A well deserving bunch. I am eager to catch the upcoming shows this year.

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