Announcing: UCBTLA's 2017 Maude Night Line-Up!

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Announcing: UCBTLA's 2017 Maude Night Line-Up!

Postby bethappelUCB » Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:34 pm

Hello UCB! I am thrilled to announce the 2017 UCBTLA Maude Teams!

Maude Teams are UCB's house sketch teams. They bring together the best sketch writers and sketch performers in Los Angeles to produce brand new half-hour sketch comedy shows every month at UCB Sunset.

Between people who submitted writing packets and those who auditioned to be actors, there were hundreds of people vying for very, very few spots (nearly 600 people, in fact!). Thank you so much to everyone who submitted. It was incredible to see the amount of talent in our community and I wish we could have offered many, many more people spots on teams.

If you weren't placed on a team, please don't take it as a reflection of your talent. And remember, Maude Night is just one show at the theater. I hope everyone will continue to be involved in UCB via one of our many, many other shows and opportunities.

And now, please join me in congratulating everyone who's part of the 2017 UCBTLA Maude Night Line-Up!

SAD MIDDAY FORKS (Starter Name) (March 29th Debut!)
Jake Bender
Alex Firer
Jolene Kennedy
Laurie Magers
Meggie Spellman
Kevin Yuen
Shukri Abdi
Travis Coles
Alexia Dox
Kale Hills
Lauren Holt
Chad Westbrook

MESH SET (Starter Name) (March 15th Debut!)
Courtney Hyde
Nick Luciano
Samuel Palmer
Rebekka Pesqueira
Scott Sonne
Sarah Stoecker
Kimia Behpoornia
David Brandyn
Drew Cullinan
Jeremy Guskin
Lauren Olson
Anna Rajo

OWL AND FOULS (Starter Name) (March 22nd Debut!)
Emily Davila
Gerald Grissette
Patrick McDonald
Jon Millstein
Jessica Seay-Klatt
Monica Vasandani
Jace Armstrong
Peter Banifaz
Inessa Frantowski
Philip Labes
Fiona Landers
Travina Springer

ALMOND GIRLFRIEND (Starter Name) (March 8th Debut!)
Michael Capristo
Nicole Erb
Michael Lucid
Jason Palmer
Cait Raft
Alison Wong
David Michael Brown
Christine Bullen
Dione Kuraoka
Yesel Manrique
Olivia Snow Norman
Dhruv Uday Singh

TRUEST FRAUD (Starter Name) (March 8th Debut!)
Benjamin Apple
Matthew Brian Cohen
Lorraine DeGraffenreidt
Kerry McGuire
Jason Sheridan
Jessie Weinberg
Andrew Hansen
Hillary Anne Matthews
Oscar Montoya
Robert Stephens
Nicole Sun
Ele Woods

THE NEW DEAL (Returning Team)
Alfred Aquino II
Zora Bikangaga
Charity L. Miller
Hannah Shapiro
Sydney Steinberg
Jeff Topolski
Nathan Addison Caywood
Ashleigh Hairston
Brett Maline
Ego Nwodim
Kaitlyn Tanimoto
Lou Wilson

KARATE KARATE (Returning Team)
Janine Brito
Robin Higgins
Jeremy McKiernan
Aaron Mervis
Kerry O’Neill
Connie Shin
Matt Cordova
Alana Johnston
Mike Lane
Phoebe Neidhardt
Natalie Palamides
Jacob Wysocki

BOMBARDIER (Returning Team)
Anna Cecilia (New to Bombardier!)
Arik Cohen
Zed Cutsinger
Jesse Esparza
Ryan Moulton
Jessica Ross
Jocelyn DeBoer
John Milhiser
Avery Monsen (New to Bombardier!)
Kat Palardy
Diona Reasonover
Carl Tart (New to Bombardier!)

The great Maude team Nephew is retiring from Maude after four amazing years! See an hour of their best sketches at their final Maude Night show on Wednesday Feb 22nd, 8:30pm at UCB Sunset.

Huge thanks to the Maude Committee who put in a ton of time reading packets, watching auditions and helping create the teams. And an even huger thanks to Lindsay Lefler and the Work Study Students for making sure everything ran smoothly. Huger thanks yet to Phil, Codi, and Kerry, the always awesome UCB Sunset building managers. And, the biggest thanks of all to Arik Cohen, UCBTLA's wonderful Artistic Assistant for buying us a bunch of fruit snacks to eat.

Beth Appel
Artistic Director
UCB Theater LA

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Re: Announcing: UCBTLA's 2017 Maude Night Line-Up!

Postby WillieBHines » Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:25 pm

what openings do they have to do

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