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Inner Sanctum Submissions For Aug. 2017-Jan. 2018 Are Open!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:51 pm
by bethappelUCB
Hello! It's time to pitch new shows for UCB's Inner Sanctum! If you'd like to resubmit a currently running show, refer to the link at the bottom of this post.


We are looking for shows to run in the Inner Sanctum from August 2017 through January 2018.

As always, we want cool, interesting shows that book great guests, draw a crowd, and have passionate and responsible hosts. Standup, Variety, Improv... Anything! The Sanctum is our "community" space and a great place to experiment with comedy. Get creative with the space, pitch the shows that you would want to watch and take part in. Get weird! Shows that bring full teams in as guests work great, as it helps guarantee an audience.

The Inner Sanctum is a great place for members of the UCB community to get onstage. The more opportunity your show has for audience members to perform (via improv jam, open mic, lottery, etc.), the better!

Also don't be afraid to pitch a solid stand-up, character, or improv show that doesn't have a high-concept hook.

If you are pitching a show run by an improv team, we are primarily looking for shows hosted by teams that formed in the UCB Community, but we are open to all pitches!

There's no limit to the number of pitches a person/team can submit, but I encourage everyone to focus on one or two ideas that you're really excited about instead of spreading yourself too thin pitching a bunch of ideas.

Pitches for new shows are due no later than 11:59pm on July 11th, 2017. The new schedule will be announced no later than Monday, July 24th.

Here's the new show pitch form:


If you run a current weekly or monthly show in the Inner Sanctum and would like to continue your run, please fill out this form:

(In order to be considered for a continued run, you must fill out this form no later than 11:59pm on July 11th, 2017.)

Re: Inner Sanctum Submissions For Aug. 2017-Jan. 2018 Are Op

PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:53 pm
by bethappelUCB
Hi! There's about a week left to submit!