Announcing: The Aug. 2017-Jan. 2018 Inner Sanctum Line-Up!

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Announcing: The Aug. 2017-Jan. 2018 Inner Sanctum Line-Up!

Postby bethappelUCB » Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:47 pm

Hello UCB! This was the most competitive round of Inner Sanctum submissions yet, so please join me in congratulating the new and returning shows that will be going up for the next six months (August 2017-January 2018)! And thank you to all of the Inner Sanctum shows that went up in our February 2017-July 2017 season.

The Inner Sanctum is our free community space. It's a great place to experiment with comedy and for audiences to check out performers and shows that are about to become the next "big thing." As always, there are a ton of opportunities for students and performers of all levels to get onstage at stand-up, sketch, character, and storytelling open mics, as well as improv jams and more! Check out for more info!


Adele Dazeem presents: Wickedly Talented (Musical Improv)
Come Battle Kaboombox... And Lose! (Improv Rap Battle)
Fashion Show at Lunch Presents: Cafeteria (Improv)
Fuck This Week (Improv)
Getting to Know You! (Improv)
Late Night With Jimmy Fallopian Tubes (Late Night)
Sideline (Stand-up)
Sketch This (Sketch)
The Colin Kaepernicks: an Improvisational Art Installation (Improv)
The Latino Vote (Variety)
The Telephone Show (Improv)
You Can't Do This! (Character)

-The awesome show formerly known as Gringos Present: Oh Snaps! is now Gringos Presents: El Chisme
-Our weekly stand-up open mic formerly known as Gut Punch is now Doggin' It: Stand-Up Open Mic
-Icky Pep has retired after two great years of hosting Icky Pep's Captain Jam. This show will continue as Captain Jam with three cool new hosts!
-Your favorite Musical Mess Hall Teams, Bevel and The Pickup, will join Magic to Do as co-hosts for The Musical Improv Jam

A Femmedy Home Companion
American Pie
Colored People Time
Cool Thanks
Everybody Get In Here
Family Home Evening
Fuckable presents: Q&A
Happy Hour with Crumbs
Jekyll's Asshole: A Character Open Mic
k3wlAZN420 Presents: The Dial-up Show!
Let's Table This!
Long Hard Improv Jam
Not Too Shabby
Obama's Other Daughters presents Black Girl Magic
Oh, Hey Guys!
Parker Posey Party!
Radio Phonic Audio
Required Viewing
Seminal Presents: Masters of Cinema!
Shelf Life
Side Coach
Sketch Slam!
Swimming Lessons Presents: Community Pool
The Agenda presents ALL SKATE!
The Arcade Currency RKD$ Show
The Score
The Screening Room
The Quickness w/ The Quickness
The UPN Show
The WSS Mixer
Tiny Pizza presents: Sound Bites
WOCA (Women of Color Anonymous)

Inner Sanctum Submission Tips
-Pitch length: Many pitches were either too long or too short! Give us a brief rundown of your show without going second by second, and don't overcomplicate things. On the other end of the spectrum, give us more than just "My improv team will do an improv show!"
-No food/drinks: The Inner Sanctum is a cafe. We can't have shows serving their own food and drinks.
-Improv shows where someone tells a story and teams do improv based on that story: We got a ton of pitches like this and there are already infinite improv shows with this format. Try to think outside the box when it comes to pitching standard improv shows.
-Dating/flirting/crush-themed shows: No thanks! Express interest in people out on your own time -- not onstage at UCB! Even "improv-crush" shows can be a little creepy.
-"Why will this show draw a crowd?" -- We got a lot of similar responses to this question: "My friends will come!" "Lots of people like my indie improv team." "Because I'll book 'big name' teams. I promise!" "Because people love [INSERT SHOW IDEA HERE]!" Think beyond those generic answers and convince us that you're gonna pack the house with your unique show.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted and don't forget to check out the great shows going up seven days a week in the UCBTLA Inner Sanctum!

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