Announcing: UCBTLA 2017-2018 Harold Teams!

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Announcing: UCBTLA 2017-2018 Harold Teams!

Postby bethappelUCB » Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:27 pm

Hello UCB!

After the most competitive round of auditions yet, UCBTLA is proud to announce our brand new 2017-2018 Harold Night line-up. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming all of the new and returning Harold Night performers!
(* = New or Returning to Harold Night)

GENIUS ETHER (starter name)
Ryan Barton*
Ashley Holston*
Allie Jennings*
James Mannion*
Ian Merrigan*
Victoria Michaelis*
Jacquis Neal*
Mia Schauffler*

BROAD EXHALE (starter name)
Michael Capristo*
Hannah Garces*
Jake Jabbour*
Colin McGurk*
Allyn Pintal*
Greg Smith*
Erich Tamola*
Genetra Tull*

AROUND AL (starter name)
Aman Adumer*
Mary Anthony*
Kimia Behpoornia*
Josh Brekhus*
Ellie Kovara*
Jeremy Mc Kiernan*
Edgar Momplaisir
Laci Mosley

ENTITLED LAMA (starter name)
Ian Brennan
Nina Concepción
Shaun Diston
Rachael Drummond*
Hannah Kanengieter*
Wayland McQueen*
Mark Schroeder
Londale Theus Jr.

AN URCHINS SASH (starter name)
Matt Apodaca
Kale Hills
Beth Lepley
Oscar Montoya
Rose O'Shea
Jake Sprague
Malin von Euler-Hogan*
Kathy Yamamoto

YETI BRAS (starter name)
Devin Field
Victoria Longwell
Zac Oyama*
Marissa Strickland
Talia Tabin
Lou Wilson
Heather Woodward
Jacob Wysocki

Peter Banifaz
Greg Gallant
Julia Meltzer
Ego Nwodim (new to Queen George)
Ed Roe
Dhruv Singh (new to Queen George)
Carl Tart
Gregory Wallace

Ronnie Adrian
Dickie Copeland
Emily Durrett
Ali Ghandour
Jessica Jean Jardine
Joel Jensen
Ryan Rosenberg
Jacob Womack

We're also excited to announce the following additions to two of our other great house improv teams:

Brandon Gardner, Hillary Matthews, and Alison Rich will be joining Tuesday Club! Check them out every Tuesday at 7pm at UCB Franklin!

Jen D'Angelo will be joining Last Day of School! You can see them every Thursday at 11pm at UCB Franklin!

See the new Harold Teams debut on Monday, September 25th at 8pm and 9:30pm at UCB Franklin! And join us next Monday for a Throwback Harold Night featuring four great teams that no longer exist including legendary Harold Team, Mother!

Thank you to the Harold Committee, a collection of experienced coaches, teachers and performers who love improv, and who helped create the teams.

And thank you to everyone who helped auditions and callbacks run smoothly: our awesome Work Study Students, our incredible Managers (Phil, Codi, Kerry, Greg, and Gilli), and a gigantic thank you to our Artistic Assistant, Arik Cohen for providing us with all of the fruit snacks, helping us move couches around the Inner Sanctum for a week, and doing pretty much everything else that made these auditions possible.

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who auditioned! The talent we saw over the past week was unreal and made us proud to be part of the UCB Community.

-Beth Appel and the 2017 Harold Committee

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