Announcing: UCBTLA's Sept 2018-March 2019 Mess Hall Teams!

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Announcing: UCBTLA's Sept 2018-March 2019 Mess Hall Teams!

Postby bethappelUCB » Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:35 pm

And now... I'm very excited to announce UCBTLA's September 2018-March 2019 Mess Hall Teams!

These Mess Hall Teams were chosen out of a pool of hundreds of auditioners and formed by the UCBTLA Artistic Director in consultation with a collection of experienced coaches, teachers and senior performers.

Each team is made up of eight talented improvisors who perform the Harold on Sundays at 7pm in the Inner Sanctum at UCB Sunset. The purpose of Mess Hall is to provide promising improvisors a chance to practice the Harold in front of an audience.

You can see these new teams debut on Sunday, September 23rd and Sunday, September 30th at 7pm! And now, please join me in congratulating the teams...

IDENTITY (Starter Name)
Jarrod Bracey
Jennifer Cascio
David Donnella
Jennifer Gardner
Anisa Khamvongsa
Alene Latimer
Stephen Sanow
Chris Turner

SUPREMACY (Starter Name)
Alice Bebbington
Raina Deerwater
Paul Heredia
Monica Loomba
Monte Montepare
Justin Patterson
Mark Stefanos
Rocky Strobel

ULTIMATUM (Starter Name)
Koschka Bahr
Ethan Blouin
Michael Christian
Sam Di
Meredith Dillon
Lisa Gilroy
Moni Oyedepo
Matthew Visconage

LEGACY (Starter Name)
Charlie Burg
John Dardenne
Paige Elson
Caitlin Gilbert
Julie Hoang
Dyani Rejae
Jeremy Schmidt
Samat Turgunbaev

JASON BOURNE (Starter Name)
Marc Amadin
Quincy Cho
DarylJim Diaz
Josie Martineaux
Rachel Middleton
Connie Shin
Logan Smith
Sarah Wyatt

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