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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby masonhankins » Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:33 pm

Hello UCB!

My name is Mason Hankins. I just moved to LA from Arkansas and am currently in improv 101 intensive with Pam Murphy. I don't know many people here in LA and am still looking for a job atm so if anyone is looking for an extra or needs help producing a sketch (i.e. holding a boom mic or whatever) I am your man (because I have lots of free time).

I'd also love to get involved in a practice group if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks for the help.



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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby danielyounathan » Thu Feb 13, 2014 3:43 pm

Hi Everyone!

My name is Daniel. I'm new to UCB and Los Angeles. I don't really know what to say here. If you ever wanna hang out and talk about improv or life, hit me up. Also, if you need someone to read your sketch or improv/act with your group, hit me up too.

Thanks for reading my sheet.

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby cellabella » Tue May 20, 2014 1:44 pm


My name is Marcella Riley. I just relocated to LA. I have been living in NYC for sometime now. I made the move here to LA to produce a pilot.

Anyone looking to collaborate and be apart of something AMAZING, hit me up.

Even though I've been living in NYC for a while, I promise I don't bite. I'm actually from Long Beach (Snoop Dogg)

Excluding Facebook, I'm pretty easy to find on the web

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Some guy named joe

Postby Joedacey » Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:07 am

Hey my name is joe Dacey I'm new to this site but will hopefully be a regular here. I use to teach outdoor survival around the world to children and I did that for about 5 years in china Dubai Australia Mexico India and Ireland. I believe my charity is over for a little and I'm going to focus on something I truly love......comedy.

Right now I go to open mic nights whenever I can but I am working 60 hours a week as a baker at panera (I can do any job) but my plan is to try and get 3 grand saved and rent out my house then move to LA I'm hoping to be out there by January the latest and I want to live my life for comedy for at least the next 5 years give or take and learn the craft comedy and satire are the only real forms or art I understand and I have been a really logical person for a long time so I really want to explore my left brain alittle more. My email is if u would like to get in touch with me.

The ucb has been in my life since their show on Comedy Central. I use to think and still do it is the most brilliant sketch show ever made. I figured if I am going to try this life I'm going to go with the people ive looked up to since I was a kid.

I'm not one of those people trying to get to LA to be famous in fact the idea of being famous makes me sick to my stomach what I want to do is tell my stories and hopefully inspire someone to travel somewhere they never thought they would go to and make a couple people chuckle along the way seems like a good way to pass the time.

Sincerely joe Dacey
Aka that guy u met once...........

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby courtneykarwal » Fri Sep 26, 2014 11:11 pm


I'm Courtney Karwal just moved from Seattle to LA. At the age of 6 I was an avid listener of the R&B hit Pony, by Ginuwine. Not that that helps my case at all, but I don't really know anyone here and if you ever want to hang out or practice improv, count me in. Other then that I am a big fan of instagram and FB, its just my name.

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby EHennessy » Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:57 am

Hey All!

I'm Erin Hennessy Neckers. I'm a Monday night intern right now at Sunset and LOVIN' IT. Taking 401 soon, and hoping to start Sketch 101 and maybe Character 101. I would really like to jump into a practice group or performance group ASAP, so let me know if you need an extra human. xoxo.

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby ChristopherCouncill » Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:59 am

My name is Christopher i have been in LA since an year ago. I was taking classes in UCB it was a pretty amazing experience. I will definitely go for some other classes for sure!

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