Any teams, practice groups or classes need coaching?

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Any teams, practice groups or classes need coaching?

Postby jsmoothnyc » Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:53 pm

Hey I'm John King A.K.A J-Smooth,

I have a theater degree from Queensborough College, I'm SAG-AFTRA, I've studied at UCB since 2012 I'm in Advanced study improv and I'm on a Maude house team at UCBT NY on the team "Choir", I'm also on the indie team "Big Kitten". I've studied and performed in almost everything from Sketch, Musical Improv, Stand-up comedy, Musical theater, voice lessons, everything.

I will coach your improv teams in long form or short form, coach or direct your sketch teams, or even just a group of people who wanna know how to do characters , how to prepare for auditions or showcases or learn how to play emotions or general acting lessons, I can teach Sensory elements, Stanislavski techniques, Meisner techniques and alot of techniques I learned over the years with coaches and some I created on my own. I can teach stand-up comedy, Story telling.

I'm very very honest so you've been warned I don't believe in anyone spending there hard earned money and I'm beating around the bush and not being honest. So if you're lacking energy or not making choices. except me to tell you to "Step it up" or "give me more energy". Remember energy just isn't acting crazy, energy can be in your eyes, intensity can be in your voice, movements, facial expressions or even in silence. But I'm also super sweet, hugs and kisses for EVERYONE :-D

I'm also very active so except for me to get up and move a little, maybe dance a little, act a little sometimes to show examples of what I can't express fully in words.

Email me @ or

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