DREAMWORKS Show Voice Over Casting!

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DREAMWORKS Show Voice Over Casting!

Postby mrsolik » Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:09 pm

Hey everyone!

Dreamworks Digital/Awesomeness TV has picked up my animated kid's show called: "Baby Crockett: Kid of the Wild Frontier."

They're making 6 animated shorts to air on the Dreamworks YouTube channel. There's NO MONEY in it now as a YouTube show. My hope is for Dreamworks proper to pick it up to series and then there is potential of making money. This show WILL be produced. It will air on the Dreamworks YouTube channel. If cast, you can OBVIOUSLY add a Dreamworks TV show to your credits.

This is NON-UNION work.

If interested, please email me at solik.casting@gmail.com

If you live in LOS ANGELES, you do not need to be set up to record voice over. You will be able to audition via your phone. And if cast, I can record you in Los Angeles.

If you DO NOT LIVE IN LOS ANGELES, please be capable of recording your own voice over (not on your phone/computer). Let me know what kind of mic you’re working with. Thank you so much!

The role:

BABY DAVY CROCKETT: Male/Female. Light exuberant youthful excitement and vitality. Davy will not speak like a baby. Think Rugrats

BUDDY: Male. Davy’s best friend. British accent. He’s dry and sarcastic.

There are more roles to come, but I’m casting these two roles first.

Again, if you’re interested, I can send you the sides. Please email me at: solik.casting@gmail.com

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