Diversity Scholarship / Fellowship Applications Winter 2018

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Diversity Scholarship / Fellowship Applications Winter 2018

Postby tanouye » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:16 pm


This page is for information and questions about the UCB Training Center NYC diversity scholarship and fellowships.
Applications are now available online here: https://newyork.ucbtrainingcenter.com/diversity.

Applications are due by 11:59pm on Monday, January 8. Late applications will not be accepted.

We are continuing to offer our new fellowships. These offer all the benefits of a scholarship, but without the financial element. These are in response to some students who expressed a desire to participate more in the diversity scholarship program but did not have financial need and did not want to take scholarships away from applicants with greater financial need. Student should only apply for fellowships if they feel they do not have financial need at this time and are not applying for a scholarship. (Don't apply for both)

This is a new program so you may have questions about it. Hopefully I can answer them! But it's new, so I may not have all the answers.


Here is a list of upcoming free improv, sketch and character shows that you can see in order to complete your application. It will be updated with more December shows as the Hell's Kitchen calendar goes up, and with shows in January once the calendars for both theatres are posted.

Please note: This is just a list of free shows. A complete list of shows (generally $5-12) can be found at these links:

UCB Theatre Hell's Kitchen: https://hellskitchen.ucbtheatre.com/schedule
UCB Theatre East Village: https://east.ucbtheatre.com/schedule
UCB Training Center Student Shows: https://newyork.ucbtrainingcenter.com/course/shows

Free shows:

Sunday, December 10th, 9:30PM / UCB Theatre Hell's Kitchen / ASSSSCAT 3000

Wednesday, December 13, 11:15PM / UCB Theatre East Village / The Rotisserie Jam hosted by Higgins

Sunday, December 17th, 3:30PM / UCB Theatre East Village / Diversity Improv Jam!

Sunday, December 17th, 9:30PM / UCB Theatre Hell's Kitchen / ASSSSCAT 3000

Sunday, December 17th, 11:00PM / UCB Theatre East Village / B.Y.O.T. Improv/Sketch Team Jam
*improv + sketch*

Monday, December 18th, 10:39pm / UCB Theatre East Village / Out Sick Character Jam

Wednesday, December 20 11:15pm - UCB Theatre East Village / The Longest Improv Jam of The Year!

Thursday, December 21 6:00pm - UCB Theatre East Village / Don't Be Yourself - Character Open Mic

Wednesday, January 3 11:15pm - UCB Theatre East Village / ...XYZ Jam

Sunday, January 7th, 11:00PM / UCB Theatre East Village / B.Y.O.T. Improv/Sketch Team Jam
*improv + sketch*

Sunday, January 7th, 9:30PM / UCB Theatre Hell's Kitchen / ASSSSCAT 3000
Erik Tanouye
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(also Improv/Sketch teacher and performer)
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Re: Diversity Scholarship / Fellowship Applications Winter 2

Postby buttsco99 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:12 pm

Hello, I filled out the application for the Diversity Fellowship prior to the deadline and am wondering if it is still being processed or whether I missed an email on this.

Not sure if its relevant but I am enrolled in improv 401 with Jeremy Bent and a Character Sketch elective with Natasha Vaynblat I am also taking Music Improv at the Magnet and an upcoming "Improv for Sketch" seminar with Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall, at Sea Tea Theatre in Hartford.

I turned a youthful 65 a few weeks ago.

Bill Buttrick

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