Announcing - UCBTLA 2019-2020 Harold Teams!

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Announcing - UCBTLA 2019-2020 Harold Teams!

Postby christinebullenUCB » Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:15 pm


After yet another extremely competitive round of auditions, UCBTLA is proud to announce our 2019-2020 Harold Night line-up. Please join me in congratulating and welcoming all of the new and returning Harold Night performers!

(* = New or Returning to Harold Night)

DARLIN DRIED CRAB (starter name)
Andy Bustillos*
Jeremy Culhane*
Monte Montepare*
Jordan Myrick*
Artoun Nazareth*
Curtis Retherford*
Ruha Taslimi*
Kelly Vrooman*

DEAR THONGS (starter name)
Jozef Fahey*
Rachel Marsh*
Conner McCabe*
PJ McCormick*
Allyson Phillips*
Anna Rajo*
Ben Wietmarschen*
Tao Yang*

QUE E, ENGORGE? (starter name)
Marcus Folmar
Andrew Grace
Olivia Harewood
Aimée Lutkin*
Colin McGurk
Alexis Rhiannon*
Greg Roman*
Vince Yap

DOUG DOES IT (starter name)
Ryan Barton
Allie Jennings
Patrick McDonald*
Ian Merrigan
Geoff Ross
Dan Torson
Genetra Tull
Vivian Yoon

Zander Frost
Lisa Gilroy
Jake Jabbour
Wayland McQueen
Allyn Pintal
Rekha Shankar (new to Bitchin')
Michael Stephens
Rachel Van Nes

Aman Adumer
Mary Anthony
Kimia Behpoornia
Josh Brekhus
James Mannion
Edgar Momplaisir
Laci Mosley
Mia Schauffler

Matt Apodaca
Shaun Diston
Kale Hills
Oscar Montoya
Rose O'Shea
Jake Sprague
Malin von Euler-Hogan
Kathy Yamamoto

Ally Beardsley
Devin Field
Victoria Longwell
Vic Michaelis
Zac Oyama
Talia Tabin
Lou Wilson
Jacob Wysocki

I'm also very excited to announce that, after three amazing years on Harold Night, Queen George has graduated to their very own monthly show! Check out Queen George every first Monday at 11:00pm at UCB Franklin, starting on Monday, October 7th! But first, join them as they say farewell to Harold Night on Thursday 9/19 at Harold Late Night: Queen George's Last Harold Night!

See the new Harold Teams debut on Monday, September 23rd at 8pm and 9:30pm at UCB Franklin!

And stay tuned for the brand spankin' new Mess Hall Teams which will be announced soon!

Thank you to the Harold Committee, a collection of experienced coaches, teachers and performers who love improv, and who helped create the teams.

And thank you to everyone who helped auditions and callbacks run smoothly: our awesome Work Study Students, our incredible Managers, and a gigantic thank you to our Artistic Assistant, Arik Cohen for being the engine behind the scenes that keeps the whole machine running.

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who auditioned! There were so many wonderful improvisers that made us laugh -- far too many than we could fit on Harold Night. Whether you got on a team or not, you're a valued part of the UCB Community and we hope you'll stay involved in one of the many other shows and opportunities at UCBTLA!

-Christine Bullen and the 2019 Harold Committee

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